"Run, do not walk, to book Susan Gunn. You will not regret it and your attendees will thank you."

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For Meeting Planners

Dear Meeting Planner,

What is the benefit of hiring an actual Certified Fraud Examiner or a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor to speak at your meetings?

What is the benefit of having an expert who knows and understands professional practices, and has written 24 books for professional practices?

What is the benefit of having a true to life, practice embezzlement expert, with actual prosecuted cases to speak about, instead of just everyone else’s cases?

What is the benefit of having an expert with a real world business background, who still speaks in layman's terms?

What is the benefit of having a professional speaker who sells out audiences and gets rave reviews?

Have Susan Gunn at your next meeting and you will benefit from all of the above. Too often, meetings settle for less than the above standards, with less than satisfying results to match. There is absolutely no need to settle.

This is not Susan's hobby! And she is the EXPERT in financial organization and embezzlement.

Hosting one of Susan Gunn's courses for your convention or study club is simple!

Here are a few of the specifics and suggestions:

  • The Embezzlement: For Your Eyes (and Ears) Only course is limited to only the practice owner and their spouse.
  • The QuickBooks courses and embezzlement course are limited to 80 attendees, due to the amount of audience interaction.
  • The Ethics Is A Choice…your choice course is for an unlimited general audience and is perfect for study clubs and key note addresses.
  • An LCD projection system and a wireless lapel microphone are required.
  • In addition, books for the QuickBooks courses may be purchased at a discounted rate, by the meeting, for each attendee. This is heavily recommended for the Getting The Most Out Of QuickBooks In Your Practice course due to the volume of verbal information given during the course.
  • Length of courses can be customized to your time frame:
               Evening:  1 to 2 hours
               Half Day: 3 to 4 hours
               Full Day: 6 to 8 hours

  • Conventions typically charge between $195.00 to $225.00 per attendee for a QuickBooks specialty course if books are provided.
  • Speaking cost is the honorarium plus travel and expenses. This varies for location and time needed to travel.

The goal of any course is to maximize knowledge in the given subject area.  Hiring Susan will exceed your goals and your expectations.

Contact Susan today and bring her "Sold out" success to your next meeting or event

Dear Doctor,

If we, as dentists, don't understand our numbers in and out, how can we expect to make good decisions regarding our practices?

Susan Gunn is one of the most important assets you can bring to your next meeting or event, especially in these difficult economic times.  

Susan is a strongly effective, and extremely knowledgeable speaker your attendees need to hear. She's also very entertaining, but is always right on target with what attendees need to hear.

Susan limits her course sizes to give participants the opportunity to interact and ask questions, which provides the optimal learning environment. She is the expert and I recommend you book her today. You won't regret your decision." 

Dr. Gary Ackerman, DDS, Sacramento District Dental Society and California Dental Association 

Wouldn't you like to bring that same success to your next meeting or event?