About Susan

About Susan

"Susan is a very energetic and great teacher.  SHE is what I liked best about this course!  I can really tell she loves what she does AND she is good at it!  I am very happy to have her as a 'valuable resource' for my practice!"

"Don’t take on the challenge of setting up your books by yourself.  Let Susan’s expertise guide you!  Her book and consulting were the answers to my needs."

"I have been using QuickBooks for two and one half years now, and I STILL learned new things from your course!  I would recommend your seminar to the beginner AND to the experienced user both! Thanks again!"


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eLearning has become popular among educators around the world as a tool to reach students 24/7.

And it’s about time for this viable learning option to be available for professional practices. 

As our society has advanced in technology, time has become a premium.  A doctor’s time spent at conventions is typically spent on clinical courses – with clinicians gaining the clinical continuing education credits required annually. 

But what about the courses where they could learn to take control of their practice’s finances.

That’s what this site is all about.

Now is the time to take out the stress of learning and add a fresh, fun ease to learning!  Each course includes downloadable handouts, audio visual clips, video shorts, quick quizzes, practice time, and the ability to post your questions on the community bulletin board.

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