About Susan Gunn Solutions

Susan Gunn Solutions LLC, previously known as Gunn Consulting, is solely owned by Susan Gunn of Arlington, Texas.

Founded in 1997, SGS is an automation consulting company focusing on organizing small business procedures, utilizing a variety of computer software, including QuickBooks.

Our mission is to serve clients by providing information, training, products and technical support, supporting them in their business management success.

And we are passionate about making it easy for you!

Our business has grown. Books, products, services and courses have been added as needs have arisen. The reason for success? There are many but the client testimonial probably says it best -

"Susan was a breath of fresh air to my business frustration. She encouraged me to be the boss, to do my own accounting and to understand my own reports. Thank you Susan!"

Susan Gunn Solutions
PO Box 13806 Arlington TX 76094
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Susan Gunn Founder