Financial Practice Analysis

Has there ever been a financial analysis of your practice? Not the IRS, not your CPA, but a completely unbiased third party review of your financial systems and procedures.

Do you have controls in place to help prevent embezzlement? Do you have concerns?

Corporations and non-profits have financial analysis’ annually. Why is this not standard practice for professional practices?

Do you wonder if everything is going well in your practice, in regard to the financial systems?

Are you about to bring in an associate or a partner? Are you thinking of selling your practice?

A Financial Practice Analysis is actually the first level of a fraud examination. It is completed remotely as to not disturb your practice. It focuses on the aspect of your practice that is not owner controlled. If the practice owner controls the accounts payable (checks and credit card), then it is not necessary to include the accounts payable.


Two reports are provided at the conclusion.

A final summary report provided to the doctor includes:

An Internal Controls report provided to the doctor includes:

It typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete, dependent upon available necessary documentation.

In addition, a one hour follow-up phone call with the doctor will address any action plans determined by the review or any questions.

The Financial Practice Analysis requires doctor participation and must be ordered by the doctor. Email us today Email us today to schedule a consultation regarding your Financial Practice Analysis.

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