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Looking for an amazing speaker for your next event?

Do you want to experience the benefit of having a professional speaker who sells out audiences and gets exceptional reviews?

How about a speaker that everyone is talking about during lunch, and the talk is all good?

Too often, meetings settle for someone who “knows” a topic, with less than satisfying results to match. There is absolutely no need to settle.

Susan is a trained, skilled, professional speaker. Speaking is a primary aspect of her business. It is not a hobby or a sideline business and it shows in her ability to hold your audience’s attention. And she knows audiences having spoken professionally for over twenty years.

Hosting one of Susan’s presentations for your convention or study club is simple!

Here are a few of the specifics and suggestions:

Presentation Lengths. The lengths are customized for your meeting:

Equipment. An LCD projection system with an audio patch and a wireless lapel microphone are required for all presentations.

Fees. There are many factors that determine the cost of the presentation:

The fee is all inclusive, including honorarium, travel, lodging and expenses.

Study Clubs.


Option 1. For the QuickBooks presentations, the Getting The Most Out Of QuickBooks In Your Practice book and/or Advanced QuickBooks In Your Practice may be purchased at a Distributor rate, by the meeting, for each attendee. This is strongly recommended for the Getting The Most Out Of QuickBooks In Your Practice presentation due to the volume of valuable content given during the course.

Option 2. For the Matters Of The Heart presentation, the book may be purchased at a Distributor rate by the meeting, for each attendee. Or, to defray costs, Susan could sell and autograph books after the presentation.

Susan’s presentations are ready to be customized for your event and your audience.

Call today to find out how Susan can involve and motivate your future audiences!

Book Susan for your event!Book Susan for your event!

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