Fraud Examination

Maybe you over heard something. Maybe something seems a bit off.

Maybe it’s only a few hundred dollars missing. Maybe it’s a lot more.

What do you need to do?

Call me or send me an email and let me know when to call you.

Don’t just ignore the problem. It won’t go away.

Let’s talk.

Talk to an embezzlement expert about your situation: what you suspect, what you’ve seen, what you’ve heard.

Let’s explore your choices together:

  1. Do nothing. Not a great option but certainly an option.
  2. Maybe you’re not really certain it’s an “embezzlement investigation” but you just want to make sure your financial systems are in place. Then I can do an audit of your financial systems and procedures with a Financial Review.
  3. Maybe you only need evidence to terminate the employee. Maybe you want to file a police report and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
    • I can do your investigation, dig into the accounting and practice management systems, review your bank and credit card statements, timecards, and interview the employee.
    • I can prepare a report to be used in termination.
    • I can compile evidence for law enforcement and provide expert testimony for prosecution.

What sets my fraud investigations apart from others?

Complete reports provided to you at the end of the investigation. You are not just given a “Sorry, I didn’t find anything.” You are given a complete and compiled report provided to you, stating what was found or not found, with supporting documentation and reports.

In addition to this final report, you are also provided a report on suggested internal controls that need to be implemented, seen as a result of the embezzlement investigation. As your systems and procedures have been combed through, a list has been kept of suggestions to improve your practice’s internal controls in the future.

Two reports. One investigation.

My Commitment to YOU

When you are afraid someone you have trusted in your practice has embezzled, you need to know how to proceed …. whom you are calling.

I am a Certified Fraud Examiner, a member of the world’s largest international anti-fraud organization, The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. As a CFE, I am trained and thoroughly tested regarding preventing, detecting and investigating fraud, as well as federal laws.

I have an undergraduate degree in psychology, am an Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor. I am able to see behaviour in personalities, as well as the numbers.

I have worked with professional practices for over twenty years, keeping up with their practice software and developing their financial systems and procedures.

I have extensive resources and work with law enforcement on a regular basis. I provide expert witness testimony in embezzlement cases. I attend annual Continuing Education courses and conventions to keep my tool box sharp and relevant to today’s technology and law. And, I am held by a very strict ethical standard.

In addition to the ACFE’s standards, I commit the following to you:

Call me or send me an email and let me know when to call you.

Don’t just ignore the problem. It won’t go away.

Let’s talk.

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