Extreme Makeover

Can you run a Profit & Loss Report from your QuickBooks file and understand where your money is coming & going?

Is your Chart of Accounts so disorganized there are accounts scattered everywhere?

Would you like to know your total collections vs. expenses for the month, at the click of your mouse?

Would you like to have memorized Weekly and Monthly Reports for your review?

The purpose of tracking expenses should go WAY beyond tax accounting to being able to effectively manage your practice's finances.

If you have been using QuickBooks and would like it to be more organized to allow you to review your finances logically and understandably, then the QuickBooks Extreme Makeover is for you!

Five hours of time is used to clean, reorganize and make your QuickBooks reports easier to understand. Your Chart of Accounts is redesigned to the optimal Practice Management Chart of Accounts. Weekly and Monthly reports are created and memorized for your easy access. Also included is a two hour consultation time to review the changes and how to maximize your QuickBooks use.

Most files can be cleaned within the five hour time frame allowed by this fee. If your file is one of the following, it may require additional time:

Though rare, if additional time is needed, you will be contacted within the first hour of cleanup. At that time, options will be discussed, including potentially purchasing additional time at a reduced rate.

For QuickBooks files older than version 2015, you will be required to update to the current QuickBooks version for the File Cleanup.

How long have you been frustrated with your QuickBooks?

Make this year your year of change!

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