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Professional dental consultant organization.  An online directory makes it easy to determine a consultant for your specific need.

Kate Willeford, CPA, CCPS

Specializing in dental accounting, retirement, tax, financial planning, education funding, and practice transition services since 1975.


Jameson is a leader in providing comprehensive practice management systems reaching thousands of dentists in over 26 countries worldwide. With the proven Jameson Method, you discover the secrets to make your dental practice thrive.

Virginia Moore

Practice help series includes the Essential 7 Evaluation, Profit and Loss Analysis, Marketing Evaluations, Productivity Analysis, and Full Service Consulting.

Debbie Castagna

Coaching for dentists, including Issue-Specific, Practice Analysis, Annual Planning, and much more.

Teresa Duncan

Billing & Coding E-Support coaches are here to help with your billing and insurance questions.

Sally McKenzie

McKenzie Management owned by Sally MacKenzie provides knowledge, guidance and personalized systems that have propelled thousands of general and specialty practices to realize their potential and reach their own visions of success.

Amy Smith

Practice management consulting services, from an experienced dental consultant. Providing you with the help you need to assess your practice and to identify opportunities for growth.

Jill Townsend

Copywriting and design for print and online marketing, including websites, social media and search engine optimization.

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