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What Susan offers is invaluable business management for professional practices. Her evaluations testify to this with enthusiastic, glowing reviews, bridging the genuine need between practices AND their educational meeting providers.

Unrelenting Greed: The Mind of an Embezzler

Study Club Doctors & Spouses Only

Have you ever wondered what it takes to steal from a dental practice? What kind of person could actually do such a thing? There are seven steps involved in an employee stealing from a practice. Protecting a practice becomes easier once you look inside the mind of the embezzler. Learn more...

From The Embezzlement Forensic Files

Study Club Doctors & Spouses Only

Straight from the headlines, It’s the who, what, when, where and how of embezzlement. Discover fresh insight into who is embezzling, what is being embezzled, when embezzlements occur and how embezzlements happen in a practice. Learn more...

Ethics Is A Choice

Convention or Study Club General Audience

What exactly is ethics? Is there a difference between business ethics vs. personal ethics? Susan's sense of humor and real life stories, drives home the point that ethics really is simply a choice...your choice...and, your choice makes a difference. Learn more...

Embezzlement: For Your Eyes (And Ears) Only

Convention or Study Club (3 hrs) Doctors and Spouses Only

Many speakers talk about embezzlement and yet practice embezzlement appears to be at all time highs. What does it take for the practice owner to truly get what they must do to prevent embezzlement? A course like no other! Learn more...

Take Charge NOW: Getting The Most Out Of QuickBooks In Your Practice

Convention or Study Club (3 hrs) General Audience

Over 70% of practices are using QuickBooks. But are they using it correctly? Are they using it the most efficient way to better manage the business of their practice.

Let the Expert in Financial Organization teach your members the most effective means of using QuickBooks in their practice. They will thank you for the opportunity! Learn more...

Matters Of The Heart: A Journey In Caring For Aging Loved Ones

Convention or Study Club (3 hrs) General Audience

Elder care is on the increase and the personal involvement of the children is unavoidable.

For 16 years, Susan’s primary job was caregiving for her elderly parents, while managing a successful business. You will laugh, and maybe cry, as you learn concrete ways to guide your loved ones into their elder years, both physically and emotionally, to embrace what can be a rewarding role. Learn more...

Who's Minding The Radar?

Convention or Study Club General Audience

In true story telling fashion, Susan takes you back to the Atlanta tornado that plowed through her room with 130 mph winds. This riveting keynote combines a whirlwind story of three key universal principles that can be applied to practices, as well as your attendee's personal life. Learn more...

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

Convention or Study Club General Audience

No one really wants to grow old and become a burden to their children or nieces or nephews, or anyone else for that matter. Based on the audience’s demographics, Susan gives five basic principles to survive caregiving for an elderly loved one.

Oh Say, Can You See?

Convention or Study Club General Audience

American history teaches us applicable lessons for our lives. Susan takes us on a historical tour of what has made our country so great and how it pertains to everyday business activities. Tour stops include the Alamo, the War of 1812, the Civil War and a few other notable moments.

Book now and learn why both attendees and meeting planners call Susan one of their favorite speakers!

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