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Charlie Kidd Spirit Award 2015

At the Academy of Dental Management Consultant's Annual Meeting November 2015, I was honored to receive the prestigious Charlie Kidd Spirit Award from this organization.

The ADMC is an international family of dental consultants whose heart's desire is the betterment of dental practices worldwide, in providing both clinical and practice management tools.

Charlie Kidd was the visionary founder of this elite organization in 1987 with only a few consultants and it has now grown to over 140 members. The award honors exceptional service to both the ADMC and the dental consulting and speaking industry.

I was completely surprised by this honor and designation. This organization has and will continue to make a difference in the dental practices worldwide. Thanks, ADMC, for such a wonderful honor.



Once again, I am honored to be including in such a prestigious annual event. Dentistry Today magazine has recognized me as a Leader In Consulting since 2005 and I still stand amazed. I simply love what I do and bring that passion to consulting.

Thank you Dentistry Today for this recognition.

American Dental Association Designation

The ADA has recognized a group of industry leading consultants to assist in a publication for new dentists, new practices and designated them as Subject Matter Experts. I was recognized in 2015 as a Financial Subject Matter Expert. A huge honor, I've been happy to contribute with such an esteemed group.

American Dental Association Publication

The ADA Practical Guide to Expert Business Strategies was published in January 2014. Included with such great consultants as Sally McKenzie, Cathy Jameson, Charles Blair, Virginia Moore and so many more, I wrote a chapter on my topic of passion: Establishing Internal Controls to Prevent Fraud and Embezzlement.

Available in hard copy format on the ADA site or in Kindle format on Amazon, there is simply no excuse to not include this in your reference materials for the business success of your practice.

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